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Bruno Wiskel is “The Prosperous Farmer” and has combined 32 years of grain growing, cattle wrangling, sheep shearing, hog handling, fish frying, goat herding, fruit producing, tree planting, board sawing and vegetable raising know-how into a series of publications that show precisely how other agriculturally minded people can make more money and have more fun in their farming operations.

Bruno Wiskel The Prosperous Farmer

Bruno is the author of 6 books:

The Wealthy Farmer - The Complete Guide on Investing in Agricultural Land

Are you getting a little tired of savings accounts with interest rates that are less than the rate of inflation? Does the roller coaster of the stock market make you want to puke every time that it plunges? Would you like to get a little personal enjoyment out of your investments? If you have answered “Yes” to any of these
questions, then “The Wealthy Farmer – The Complete Guide to Investing in Agricultural Land” may be just what the doctor ordered!

While most people aren’t aware that rural dirt has been one of the top investments for the last 13 years, there will be some folks that will be absolutely amazed that annual returns of 10% + are possible without ever having to get your hands dirty. But wait, there’s more!

When it comes to equity growth or dividends, not only does farmland blow traditional investments out of the water in terms of annual return; it gives the investor an additional bonus that he or she can enjoy every single day – “Dividends Squared.”

Dividends squared is the personal enjoyment of the asset, whether it’s creating your own personal playground described in “Building a Lake By the Cabin”, crafting your own personal pardise as outlined in “Creating Your Own Provincial Park” or “Designing & Landscaping an Energy Efficient Home for Less”.

In fact, the book “The Wealthy Farmer – The Complete Guide to Investing in Agricultural Land” is so unique, it is the only investment book in the world that contains a chapter on “Death and Taxes and How to Avoid Both”. So read and enjoy. Your heart, soul and bank account will thank you for it.

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The Sky is Not Falling - Putting Climate Change on Trial

Are you tired of the hysteria surrounding the climate change question?

Do you believe that environmental groups are on the take and are simply using global warming to line their pockets? Do you think the doubt the science that the alarmists of the world are presenting? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then “The Sky Is Not Falling – Putting Climate Change On Trial” is definitely the book for you.

Bruno combines his geological background with years as an expert witness to give you a climate change narrative with a twist! Written in the style of a crime scene investigation, Bruno combines science and humour in a manner that is so comprehensible that even he can understand it. In this book, Bruno does what Al Gore is afraid to – Put climate change on trial.

Bruno puts his winning streak of never having lost a single litigation in environmental law on the line. In order to present his case in a precise and concise manner, he not only effectively illustrates each point with a myriad of photographs, but contained within these pages he shows a complete movie demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt that humans are not causing global warming.

The Emperor's New Climate - Debunking the Myths of Global Warming

In “The Sky Is Not Falling- Putting Climate Change On Trial” you get to be the judge, jury and executioner. Read it and you will never again believe that mankind is causing climate change.

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The Emperor's New Climate - Debunking the Myth's of Global Warming

If you are skeptical about the gloom and doom global warming pundits are claiming? Do you believe that that Kyoto Accord is nothing more than a climate change Bre-X? Then this book is for you!

Bruno Wiskel is a professional geologist who uses the rock record to show that not only is climate change "Business as Usual" but that it has been happening continuously for the last four and a half billion years. In his book "the Emperor's new climate, Bruno illustrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that that the current run up in temperature and sea level rise is merely a continuation of a process that started 18,000 years ago.

While modern climatologists are screaming about a sea level rise of 3mm per year that will drown cities, erode coastlines and cause destruction and pestilence in general, they have completely forgotten to mention about the 120 metres of sea level rise since 16,000 BC that coincided exactly with the retreat of the continental glaciers.

The Emperor's New Climate - Debunking the Myths of Global Warming

If you think the Kyoto Accord is about stopping climate change, I am also selling bridges on this website, just click on The Kyoto Accord is no more about stopping climate change than George Bush's war on terror is about liberating the Iraqis. Using economic principles so simple, even a member of parliament can understand them, "The Emperor's New Climate" shows in great detail why the Kyoto Protocol could never work.

"The Emperor's New Climate" debunks 16 global warming myths:

  1. That carbon dioxide is the most important greenhouse gas.
  2. That global warming started in 1750 as a result of human produced greenhouse gasses.
  3. That humans are responsible for global warming.
  4. That global warming is the result from the increase of greenhouse gasses.
  5. That global warming will cause more violent weather.
  6. That global warming will cause mass extinctions.
  7. That the Kyoto accord was implemented to stop global warming.
  8. That the Kyoto accord will stop the global increase of carbon dioxide.
  9. That signing the Kyoto accord was economically and politically good for Canada.
  10. That the Canadian participation in Kyoto will help reduce global warming.
  11. That Global warming is bad for Canada.
  12. That scientists are in agreement of causes and effect of global warming.
  13. That scientists and politicians are committed to reducing their own greenhouse gasses.
  14. Using alternative energy is better than using fossil fuel.
  15. Planting trees will stop the rise of greenhouse gasses.
  16. That global warming will cause a sea level rise that will flood Canada's coastlines.

Everything from Sea level rise to planting trees to save our royal rear ends is covered in this book in a concise and humorous manner. Its the book you have been waiting for!!!

What the Critics are saying:

"Its the best read by far that I've found in the natural-versus-manmade argument. [Bruno's] got the technical stuff as well as the deft tongue laymen like me enjoy so much" -George Lee Managing Editor, The PEGG

"..if you want to find out the nuts and bolts of the anti-Kyoto viewpoint, all in one place and from a writer without an apparent vested interest, this book is well worth your time." - Book review Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta.

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Designing & Landscaping the Family Home

Designing & Landscaping the Family Home

This book is perfect for people who are thinking of building a new house in the next couple of years but don’t want to pay exorbitant energy bills. The book was based on author’s own 5500 square foot home located 150 km north of Edmonton, that cost less than $35 per square foot to build (In 2000) and uses less than $200 of natural gas per year to heat (averaged over the last seven years). Topics include principles of energy efficiency, how the weather affects your home, proper time to build, orientation, alternative energy and landscaping for energy efficiency.

If you are tired of paying outrageous heating bills then this is the book for you.

Chapters of this invaluable reference volume include

  • Understanding the effects of weather
  • Techniques for weatherproofing
  • Heating your home for free
  • Alternate energy sources
  • Saving big money on construction costs
  • Timing building to save money
  • Integrating home and landscape design

The book contains all of the reference material for Bruno's blockbuster course "Building an Energy Efficient Home for Less"

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Woodlot Management

A comprehensive guide to having fun and making money from small forested areas.

Originally written as a reference text for Alberta-Pacific's Woodlot Management Program, the book is based on recognized forestry management practices used in Bruno's own 125 acre woodlot.

The book would be of great interest to people who live on a farm, acreage or lake property who would like to maximize the financial and aesthetic benefits of small forested areas on their property.

Chapters include:

  • A History of Forests in Canada
  • All About Trees
  • Evaluation of an Existing Woodlot
  • Improving the Woodlot
  • Harvesting
  • Reforestation
  • Marketing Forest Products
  • Animals in Forest Management
  • A Real Life Woodlot Example

Some offbeat topics found in the book include information on tree farming and orchards, managing for wildlife, and using beavers in your logging operation.

The book makes a perfect companion to Bruno's course, "Woodlot Management" or a private tour of his woodlot!

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Tree and Shrubs of the Prairies

Complete guide of Prairie Hardy Trees and Shrubs. Tons of pictures!!

This book is the ultimate guide to selecting the perfect tree or shrub for your landscape design. Full colour photo's of many of the trees hardy to the Canadian Prairies. A must have!!

The book makes a perfect companion to Bruno's course, "Pruning Trees and Shrubs of the Prairies"

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